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Board Chair Response

September 17, 2021

To The Gow School Family,

As you’ve read, Brad Rogers will retire in June 2023 as Gow’s sixth headmaster. As a board, as a school, and as a community, we’ve all witnessed and experienced Brad’s dedication to Gow’s students, families and alumni[ae]. His enthusiastic brand of leadership enriches us all, and our School, and we know Gow is stronger for his 19 years at the helm.

This begins a logical transition for the School, that we are initiating calmly and thoughtfully. Brad will leave Gow with solid finances, gifted and motivated faculty, and a robust and experienced leadership team. Brad’s success is Gow’s success, especially when it comes to teaching and coaching children with reading and writing challenges. Brad’s leadership through the co-educational initiative is especially meaningful to me, my son, and my two daughters who all have graduated from Gow.

What does this mean for Gow? True to Brad’s thoughtful nature, he gave the Board of Trustees 21 months to search, recruit and select his successor. This timeline is beneficial because finding the right person to lead a specialty school is a crucial and thoughtful process. Mary Ann Coulson, parent of a graduate, and former Board Chair, agreed to lead the search committee. We will soon retain a national executive search firm to guide our effort. We are confident that we will attract a high-quality pool of applicants. Regular updates on this search process will be Gow’s website.

Before Brad exits, Gow will raise the money needed to renovate and modernize our crucial Main Building. The School is also starting the process for renewing its 10-year accreditation with the New York State Association of Independent Schools. Parallel to these significant efforts, your Board of Trustees will select the next head.

I again, on behalf of The Gow School’s Board of Trustees and our amazing alumni, thank Brad for his service to Gow, and to all of you. He is a difficult act to follow, but the high standards he set for our next leader will help Gow continue on its path of greatness, exemplified by Gow’s 100th birthday in 2026. Thank you for your support of Gow, our faculty and staff and, most importantly, our students.


Skip Wilday

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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