Characteristics of Students with Dyscalculia in the Classroom

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that results in “difficulty acquiring basic arithmetic skills that is not explained by low intelligence or inadequate schooling."People with dyscalculia have difficulties “processing numerical information, learning arithmetic facts, and performing accurate or fluent calculations.

How Gow Levels the Playing Field for Students with Dyscalculia

Gow faculty are patient and help students gain confidence in their math abilities while maintaining high expectations. All lessons are communicated using an auditory, visual, and kinesthetic approach. At Gow we promote the use of technology inside the classroom as a tool for helping our students succeed. All students especially students with Dyscalculia, find using I-Excel beneficial. I-Excel provides instant feedback on student work, including test. Students instantly know how well they did on the last assessment or assignment, eliminating some of the anxiety that comes with taking a test. Our Math curriculum is set up in a way to help students with Dyscalculia succeed.

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