Welcome to Gow’s remarkable learning community. Here you will find a glimpse into how our faculty take the hope given to families during the admissions process at Gow and turn it into action in the classroom. Using students’ strengths while still supporting and remediating their learning differences, the classroom becomes a place students learn to "bear and dare". They learn to "bear" the disability, and dare to "challenge" it. 

Small classes (typically five or six students), an exceptional team of educators, and innovative teaching methods are the keys to our students’ success. Drawing from a nearly 100-year heritage of best educational practices, today’s curriculum is based on current research and supported by leading-edge technology. Add the hard work and dedication of both students and faculty, and you’ll see why our students make swift progress. 

The School's curriculum follows an intentional progression, from middle schoolers relearning how to go to school to seniors—100% of them—preparing for, applying to, and getting accepted by colleges and universities. Each grade has a distinct mission, for example our 9th grade is designed to be a hybrid year for students, providing the first year of high school level instruction in conjunction with a more hands on approach from teachers and the Head of the Middle School to instill some extra life skills training.  

At Gow, students are relieved to find others who learn and think like they do and to know they are not alone in battling and overcoming their learning differences. For the first time, students experience a level playing field among students who are just like them. This is where Gow's distinct culture of success and belonging begins.  


Gow United

Middle School

Grade 6 - Grade 8

At The Gow School we understand middle schoolers! We know and embrace how social, enthusiastic, impulsive, capable, and sometimes even a little quirky they can be.

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Upper School

Grade 9 - Grade 12

Our teachers are experienced in working with students with learning differences and will put in the time to help your child.

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