Things to Know

Students finish their Gow careers as strongly as they start them. Each year 100% of our seniors are accepted to college, usually receiving several offers. Naturally, we’re proud of this achievement, but we’re just as proud of our well-designed college-advising curriculum, the dedicated staff who guide families through the admissions process, and our extraordinary students, who work hard to achieve their postsecondary dreams.

The College Advising Center (CAC)

The hub of college guidance is the CAC, which provides resources and assistance beyond what’s typical of secondary schools. In addition to college fairs, workshops, and materials from and about colleges, the CAC offers a formal curriculum that juniors and seniors follow in weekly 45-minute classes and assignments.

Through the program, students are guided to research and identify right-fit colleges, write good college essays and résumés, and complete applications. CAC staff helps students prepare for standardized tests by learning test-taking strategies, taking practice tests, and requesting appropriate accommodations, such as extra time or readers. Both the ACT and SAT are administered on campus. College advisors also help students assess the support they’ll need in college, arrange college visits, meet deadlines, take interest inventories, and complete college registration.


Beyond the regular program, CAC staff provides scheduled and impromptu advising for students and their parents on admissions, financial aid, and matters related to learning differences, such as psycho-educational testing.