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The Gow School logo A coed college-prep boarding and day school for students, grades 6-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities.

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Advice for Dropping Your Child off at Boarding School

One of the hardest things to do when deciding to send your child to boarding school is coming to the realization that you will have to say goodbye. This is difficult, there is no arguing that, but we have some advice for doing it the right way for both you and your child.

1. Before you leave campus make sure you have your child’s advisors contact information. Your son or daughter’s advisor will be your point person for the year. This will also be the person you will want to contact if you have any questions within the first few days, which brings up to the next piece of advice.

2. Do not call or text right away, give your child a few days. As big of an adjustment as it is for you, it is a bigger one for your son or daughter. They are trying to get their bearings on the campus, schedule, new routine and most importantly find a new group of friends. We have found that when parents get in touch within the first few days it brings up feelings of missing home and puts the child right back at square one.

3. Drive away fast, don’t drag it out. Once the room is set up and your child is ready to start this new chapter of their life at boarding school, have your son or daughter walk you to the car and say goodbye. You will want to hug them as long as possible, and savor every last second, but the longer you wait to say goodbye the harder it is to drive away.

4. Know that you are doing the right thing. The Gow School is a family away from home. Your child will have structure, responsibility, education and most importantly support. Gow will shape your son or daughter into the confident student that has been within them all along.