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College Admissions Q & A

As we adjust to distance learning, our junior and senior students have also had to adjust to the virtual college admissions process.  Mr. Brown, Director of College Counseling at Gow, wanted to answer some of his most frequently asked questions in hopes that it could benefit more than just our Gow families:


  • As of right now, do not focus on the June ACT.  Instead, think ahead to the September and October testing options.
  • Focus on what you can control.  Colleges are going to focus on what you did during this time of distance learning.  Make sure you are:   
  • Staying connected with your teachers – check in multiple times a week to make sure you are current with assignments.  All teachers are available for help, utilize them to make sure you are current with projects and assignments and getting content clarification when needed.
  • Stay connected with the college counseling office – juniors are meeting with the College Counseling office virtually.
  • Check your email daily!  Your teachers and current school are using email as their main way to get messages to students.  You need to be checking and responding to emails every day.


  • What about the May 1st decision date?  Many schools have pushed their decision date to June 1st.  You need to call the Admissions Office at every school you are considering to find out what their decision dates are.
  • Virtual Admitted Student Days: if you are still trying to decide between 2 – 3 schools, many are having their Admitted Student Days through Zoom. Take advantage of these!
  • If you are getting overwhelmed with emails from schools you, at one point, expressed interest in, it is time to unsubscribe.  At this point, you should have your school choices narrowed down to 2-4 schools.  Calling schools you have been accepted to, but know you will not be attending, will cut down drastically on the emails you receive.

Mrs. Bamann had a chance to chat with the Associate Director of Admissions at Lynn University and she shared some insight with her, watch the video below: