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parents and student hugging at Gow

How to Pack for Boarding School

Summer is upon us and the next few months will be filled with ice cream, bbq’s, sun and fun. Soon, you will start preparing for moving into your new dorm room at boarding school! Below are some tips and tricks to help streamline the process from parents who have been there before you:

-“Less is more” Attempting to pack your child’s entire room up and fit it in a dorm room will result in frustration for your first few hours on campus. Boarding schools often send out a packing list. Read it carefully and remember to bring seasonal clothes that can be switched out during breaks.

-“Carefully read the technology and gaming policies for your school.” Each boarding school has different policies around technology, cell phones, gaming, etc. It is best to sit down with your son or daughter ahead of time and go over the expectations together. Which leads me suggest…

-A great tip from Boarding School Review is “Discuss any items which may not be brought to school so there are no hard feelings”. To take it a step further, go over the school handbook and point out rules that are going to be different than your household rules. At The Gow School, cell phones are only allowed to be used in our dormitories. This is a big change for our students, and even though we talk about it during the Admissions process, we encourage our parents to mention it to their son or daughter before they arrive on campus for move in day.

-‘Move one rock at a time.” Attempting to buy all of your clothes, school supplies, new bedding, etc. a week before move in is a recipe for disaster. Our parents suggest to break up the shopping trips over the course of the summer. Also, if you have the space, putting it immediately into a tote will make packing at the end of the summer less stressful.

-“Don’t hesitate to call with questions.” Lastly, schools want to help new families, and more importantly, making the move in process smooth and stress free is a win win for everyone. If you have questions, call your contact person at the school and ask!