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Tips for a Successful Virtual Learning Program

Unlike many schools, The Gow School was able to open this Fall with 134 students at the end of August for in-person instruction.  To keep the campus as safe as possible, the decision was made to cancel to October break, and to teach right up until Thanksgiving break.  The School also then decided to finish up the semester virtually. 

Virtual learning is not easy for students with dyslexia, but hopefully these seven tips will set our students, and others, up for success:

1.    Set up a designated workstation:

Students with learning disabilities thrive on structure. Having a work zone set up for the week will help students stay organized and focus on the task at hand. This will also help them decompress once the school day is over and they can leave their “school” spot.  

2.    Show up on time every single day:

Attendance counts. It may be virtual learning, but it is still school, and students still need to be there every single day.

3.    Keep other electronic devices off or out of sight:

Snapchats, likes, tweets, texts, direct messages are all distracting. If other electronic devices are in their work zone, students will likely get off task each time it lights up. If it is in the other room, or off, there is no room for distractions.

4.    Keep your cameras on:

Teachers like to see who they are talking to. It will also help students stay focused if they know that their teachers can see everything they are doing.

5.    Get out of your pajamas:

The saying “dress for success” comes into play here. If you get up and get out of your pajamas you are more likely to have a productive day.

6.    Get moving:

With virtual learning and the COVID -19 pandemic, it is easy to spend the entire day inside looking at a screen. When there is a break in the schedule or after the school day is done, try to unplug from the screen and exercise.

7.    Create a routine

Going to bed every night at a reasonable hour, waking up well before class starts and eating lunch at the same time everyday will help students stay in the school routine.

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