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Top 10 FAQ's for Springtime at Gow

Even though it seems far away we are already focusing on end of year activities on campus. So much happens in the last few weeks of school, so highlighted below are some of the top questions we have gotten in the past:

Upcoming Dates:

·       Spring Testing: April 14th – April 15th

·       Spring Awards and Cresting Ceremony: April 25th

·       Athletic Awards and Honors Convocation: May 14th

·       Commencement: May 15th

When is spring testing?

Testing will run from ­­April 14th to April 15th.  After this testing is completed parents will receive a document that compares Gow students and their abilities to other students who are the same age and in the same grade Nationwide. 


What is the awards and cresting ceremony? What if I cannot come?

Previously known as Spring Parents Weekend, the Spring Awards and Cresting Ceremony is on April 25th. During the Awards Ceremony students will be recognized for their participation in activities and leadership positions. Following the awards ceremony is the Senior Cresting Ceremony. The senior class will be honored with their newly crested senior blazer.

We understand that Spring Awards and Cresting Ceremony and Commencement are very close together and not everyone can come to both. If you are unable to attend, pictures will be available on our media gallery.

What day should we fly in for the awards and cresting ceremony?

With the ceremonies starting early on April 25th we recommend flying in the day before. While there will not be any organized events for parents, you will be able to catch a lacrosse game or tennis match on campus. We ask that parents do not come onto campus until athletics start at 4:00 p.m.

Can I take my child off campus that night?

Yes, you can take your child off campus that night, they just need to be back by 4:00 p.m. for dinner and study hall on Sunday April 26th. But as always, we ask that you only take your child off campus.


Will my Govian be sitting with me for the ceremonies?

No, your son or daughter will be sitting with their advisors for both ceremonies but don’t worry you will be able to eat lunch with your child and other families.


Why is commencement two days?

Commencement weekend is busy with three different ceremonies between the two days. Thursday, May 14th is split up into two parts with the Athletic Awards Ceremony in the morning and the Honors Convocation in the afternoon. Friday the focus is Commencement and celebrating the Class of 2020.

How do I know if my child is getting an award during Commencement Weekend?

If your child has been selected to receive an award Lydia Wilson in the Development Office will be reaching out to you to let you know which day your child will be receiving the award.


Does my child have to go to all the events?

Yes, it is required for all students to attend all three events and is a required day of classes.  This is a special time for our students, for some of them this will be the last time they see the upper classman and some of their friends.


What time can my son or daughter move out of their dorms?

After the Commencement ceremony is completed students are free to go. Most families stick around for one last Gow lunch and to say goodbye but by 2:00 p.m. campus is empty.


What happens to my son or daughters remaining bookstore balance?

If your son or daughter will not be returning to Gow next year, you have the option to either donate the money to The Gow School Annual Fund or our Business Office will send you a check for the remaining balance. If your child will be returning to Gow next year we can roll it over to next years bookstore account.


If you have anymore questions about the next few weeks at Gow, please contact your child's advisor.