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What is the Boarding School Advantage? 

A family deciding to transition into a boarding school is not always an easy decision. However, when your child has a learning difference, it can be the only option left. While it might not have been planned attending boarding school has its advantages. Mr. Rogers, Headmaster, challenged our Govians to come up with “what do you think the boarding school advantage is?” here is what they came up with.

Time Management – “Our parents aren’t here to help us get through the day, it is all on us. If we aren’t using our time wisely and using tutorial and study hall to its full potential it is easy to fall behind and get off course. Having such a structured day over the last four years has helped me not only succeed inside the classroom but outside and I know I will be bringing some pieces of Gow’s structure with me to college.”  Nick O. ‘20

Organization – “The binder system here at Gow keeps me organized. When I have a messy binder it follows me into my room and it looks like everything has exploded. Being at a boarding school teaches you to be organized and come up with a system that works best for you.” Oksana W. ‘21

Living(rooming) with a person – “Most people do not share a living space with someone until they get to college. People that have shared a room together before college it is often their sibling, but for our students they will be a step ahead of their peers because they have already had to live with someone they aren’t related to.” Mr. Rausch

Importance of actions and decisions. “At boarding school what happens in the dorms, classrooms, dinner, athletics it is all connected. In a traditional school setting what happens at school stays at school and doesn’t follow you home but when you are away at boarding school everything is connected both positive and negative. For example, back at my old school no one would have known about me being the top ski racer in the league because it happens outside of school but at Gow people know because we work and play together every day.” Hunter H. ‘21

Blending Age Groups – “At boarding school, all the different grades are blended together. Students not only have the availability to interact with students that are older and younger then them but also forge relationships with the faculty families on campus.”  Mr. Coxson

Connections- “We are meeting people from all over the world and bonding over struggling with reading, writing and spelling. You never know when a relationship with a former classmate, or interaction with a faculty member is going to help you later in life.” Seth F. ‘22

Climate change – “I was born and raised in Bermuda so coming to South Wales was a little bit of a shock to the system. Now that I have been here for three years, I have learned to appreciate the warm sunny climate in Bermuda that much more, but still am not fully used to the wintery weather at Gow.” Fritz O. ‘22

Cooking in a microwave- “With living in a dorm room you start to get crafty with cooking in the dorms. From ramen noodles, popcorn or hot chocolate my friends and I will be ready to cook with what we have when we get to college next year.” Phil H ‘20

Meeting people from all around the world – “I come from a small town in Indiana and everyone in my old school was from the same exact town. Now that I go to boarding school, I have been able to meet people from all over the world like Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, and Alaska.” Harrison H. ‘23

Social interactions – “At Gow we are constantly doing things out of our comfort zone from presenting in assembly or practicing self-advocacy in the classroom. Having to do these things every day is helping us become more comfortable in our own skin and helping us become better with social interactions.” Paul H. ‘21

Travel Days – “Our students become pros in the airport. With breaks every five to six weeks students become well versed in the airport, picking up a few tricks to help make travel days run a little bit smoother. In a traditional high school setting most students do not travel without their parents flying all over every few weeks.” Ms. Cannon

Learning to solve your own problems – “For a lot of our students this is the first time they have been away from their parents for an extended period. We are a good school but not perfect and problems arise here for our students both socially and academically. Being away at boarding school though allows for our students to learn how to solve any problem they face by themselves and mature as they do it.” Mr. Rogers

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