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Quarantine Options

The Gow School is offering a two-week quarantine program to provide an on-campus quarantine option for students traveling from impacted countries or states.  The goal is to provide a safe, reasonable and supervised environment that will allow them to fulfill their quarantine requirement and start the school year on time, September 7th. 

WHO is this for? 

The quarantine program is for Gow students arriving from a state or country that meet the criteria for required quarantine per the State of New York (domestic) or the CDC (international). 

WHAT is the program? 

Students will arrive to Gow and parents will be permitted to move them into their dorm room after an initial COVID screening.  Parents will be expected to swiftly depart.  Masks are required.  Dorm parents will be asked to help stagger and stage that process.  Students will reside in their fall semester assigned dormitories.  Health will be monitored.  We will provide a morning, afternoon, and evening activity.  The charge for the two weeks is $700, and will be added to your child’s bookstore account. Meals will be in the dining hall and appropriate social distancing will be maintained. There will be structure and routine for our students with a dash of fun.  The academic program will not begin until Monday, September 7th. 

WHEN does my student need to arrive? 

Students who are required to participate in the quarantine plan will be expected to arrive on Monday, August 24th and will begin classes with the rest of their peers on Monday, September 7th.   

WHERE will the program take place? 

Here at The Gow School in South Wales, NY!  Gow faculty and staff will be utilizing our beautiful, 125-acre campus to assist our students to spread out and get fresh air daily with social distanced activities, creek walks, ski hill hikes, etc.  All activities will take place on campus during the quarantine.   

WHY has Gow chosen to offer this option? 

To ensure that all Gow students have an equal opportunity to begin school safely with their peers.  Additionally, we have been utilizing our Safety Plan since our summer programs began in late June and have had the opportunity to test our plans and protocols.  We feel we have a responsibility to our students and families to provide this quarantine service.  Once your child is here, we take on the responsibility to fulfill the quarantine requirements.   

Alternate Option (for local quarantine) 

For anyone looking for a second option to quarantine, we have been working with the local Hampton Inn in East Aurora.  They have put together a special rate for our families.  We ask that you follow this link to contact them regarding pricing and availability.  Parents who choose this option take on the responsibility to be sure their child fulfills the quarantine requirements. 

Please follow this link to reserve your room.   


Q:  My student is at Gow for the summer session.  Are they able to stay until the school year begins?  A:  No.  Our buildings and grounds teams need time to properly clean and ready the campus for the 2020-2021 school year.   

Q: Is there a cost for my child to participate?  A: Yes, the cost is $700.00, which will be deducted from the student’s bookstore account.   

Q: We want to stay at the Hampton Inn with our student for the two weeks, but can I drop them off at Gow during the day to be with their peers?  A: No. 

Q: I am not coming from an advisory state, but would like to bring my child early—can they participate?  A: No.  This program is only for those coming from states and countries that are required to quarantine per New York State and CDC guidance. 

Q: Will I be able to move my child into his/her dorm room?  A: Yes.  Upon arrival students and families will receive a screening including temperature check before getting out of their cars.  Upon a successful check, Gow parents can efficiently help students move into their dorm room with a swift departure.  Masks will be required for students and families.    

Q:  Will my child be required to receive a Covid test before arrival to Gow?  A:  No.  We are not requiring pre-arrival Covid tests at this time. 

Q: How do I know if my child is required to quarantine? A: Here is a link to keep updated on all the changes.  The School is closely monitoring what states are being added.   

Q: How do I register?  Please click the button below to register. 

Q: Who can I call with questions?  Please contact Jennifer Bamann, Communications Coordinator at 716.687.2076 or jbamann@gow.org.