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Student Spotlight:Carlton A
Student Spotlight:Carlton A

After two years at Gow Carlton A. '19 has found a new love for everything involving a camera.

Before coming to The Gow School Carlton A. '19 had no prior knowledge about photography, videography, or audio visual production. After two years at Gow he has found a new love for everything involving a camera.

Carlton joined Gow mid-year after realizing he was falling behind in school and felt as though he wasn't learning anything at his current school. He and his parents acknowledged something needed to change.

During his sophomore year Carlton really found his passion. He joined the Audio-Visual Production class not knowing what to expect and having no knowledge or real interest for video, but he thought the class sounded interesting. He wound up loving it. While Carlton loves everything involving a camera his says that his favorite part of videography and photography is watching all his work come together during the editing process.

Now, as a junior, you will not see Carlton without a camera. As he continues to think about life after Gow he hopes to continue developing his skills and make cinematic movies and commercials.

Carlton's parents, Ron and Cathy, are both extremely proud of their son and all the work he is putting in to his new found passion. "Carlton finding his passion for photography has unleashed his talent for creativity while expressing his personality through making pictures, not taking them. Gow has been instrumental in giving the support and encouragement that Carlton would have been unable to find anywhere else. Each photo and each video is better than the last as he sets off to never stop learning"