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Take a Bite out of Presenting
Take a Bite out of Presenting

The middle school Reconstructive Language (RL) students have started to work on their 4H presentations. Students will present their 4H presentations on February 28th!

The middle school Reconstructive Language (RL) students have started to work on their 4H presentations. In the early 1900's 4H started as a way for children in rural America to present their passion in a public setting. Now with over 6 million participants from urban neighborhoods to rural towns, 4H helps students gain skills that will allow them to be proactive workers in an ever changing economy.

The 4H program has five types of presentations: illustrated talk, demonstration, formal speech, recitation, or dramatic interpretation. Gow students have a choice between the five, however most participants choose illustrated talk or demonstration. Librarian Dr. Vegara and RL faculty member Lynn Chafin started off the process by creating two bubble organizers that helped students sort out their thoughts. The bubble organizer helped the students narrow their topics down and plan out subtopics.

After completing the first stage of the process, students met with their RL teacher to ensure that they are on the right path with the topic and subtopics. Dr. Vegara then taught the students how to conduct proper research including using books found in the library, using Google and interacting with Gow's database. The hamburger graphic became extremely helpful for the students as they had seen it before in English class and it clearly broke everything down. Each ingredient of the burger was used to represent a part of the presentation for 4H.

Student continue to work on their 4H presentations while developing their RL skills until presentation day on February 28th! Parents will be receiving an invitation this week from Kathy Rose, inviting them to come and join us for the presentations.