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Douglas B. Cotter - Director of AdmissionsGreetings from the Admissions Office. Though we are the beginning of every Gow School journey, we know we are probably not the beginning of yours. Most families come to us after an arduous quest they didn’t plan on. We re-launch them on a new adventure, one that’s straighter and shorter, enables them to rethink what learning can be, and leads them where they want to go and where they didn’t realize they could.

Our aim is to determine if a student can benefit from Gow’s curriculum and environment, structured to fit the needs of students with diagnosed language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. For those who can benefit, real change starts fast and lasts long—through college and career. For many, Gow is the first school where they’re on a level playing field with their peers and fully supported by their teachers, who teach as if their students’ futures depend on it. Together we are Gow United.

Where there is a good fit between student and school, magic happens—in class, on the field, and in the dorm. To determine if the fit is right, we’ll need to see diagnostic testing, school transcripts, recommendations, and a personal interview, just as you’ll want to see our beautiful Western New York campus and the people who provide its spark. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let’s talk.

Douglas B. Cotter '87
Director of Admissions
p 716–687–2001
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