Campus Support and Safety

A strong student-faculty relationship is forged from a boarding school experience. Our faculty are triple threats; they teach, coach, and live in the dorm allowing them to build trust and lasting relationships with. Faculty advisors are a resource for not only our students but their parents. They are key players in helping students adjust to boarding school life, encourage participation in extracurricular opportunities and guide them through the year

Academic Advisors

Before students arrive on campus, they are match with an academic advisor who most likely will be a teacher, coach, or dorm parent throughout the year. Faculty advisor responsibilities include oversight of the student's academic, social, and extra-curricular life at Gow. Advisors are the initial contact and support person for their advisees and parents in dealing with a variety of school issues. Advisors compose mid-marking period reports, while maintaining open lines of communication throughout the year for their advisees’ families. We encourage our families to contact their child’s advisor with any questions or concerns they may have about their child’s experience or progress.

Returning students have input on who their advisor will be for the following year, while the admissions committee will meet to discuss matches for new students.

On Campus Support

Mental Health has always been an important issue on campus but in the last few years it has become a top priority for our community. Our school counselor has worked with students with learning differences for thirty years and is a resource on campus for students who need to talk regularly or just need a touch point. For students who require a little bit more support, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker comes on campus twice a week to work with students. Both the school counselor and licensed clinical social worker, work together to have hard conversations with students about mental health and the importance of it in group discussions that are held regularly. They take feedback from students to gage how students are feeling and what topics are important to talk about.

Campus Safety

The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance. Families have entrusted us with one of the most important things in their lives, their children, and we value that decision. With 75 cameras around campus, an all school alert system, and faculty who are trained in school safety, every member of the Gow community plays a role in keeping our students safe. Due to our almost 100 year residency in South Wales, we have a long and strong relationship with East Aurora Police Department, welcoming them to join us for lunch to get to know our students whenever they are available. Three current faculty members are also members of the South Wales Fire Company, including our Director of Buildings and Ground who is Fire Chief of the Company.