"I like the fact that we have assigned seating for breakfast and lunch. I have been able to meet people from all over the world and if I didn't have to share a table with them, I might have never had the chance to get to know them."

Autumn B. '25 Toronto, ONT

The Weston Dining Hall is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday and for brunch and dinner on Sunday. With a variety of hot entrees, a deli bar, panni station, full salad bar and homemade desserts, Sage Dining Service does a great job coming up with balanced meals for our students. Sage also designs substitutes for meals for students who have dietary restrictions. 

While not a typical classrooms the dining hall is used for students to learn life lessons and develop social skills. Students have assigned seating for breakfast and lunch sitting with a new faculty every month along with a different group of students. This tradition allows for students to meet students they might not have class with, learn to hold conversations with adults, and develop proper table manner.  Faculty are also there to make sure students are eating a balanced meal. 

In an average year, Gow welcomes students from 28 states and 20 countries. This diversity is represented in the flags hanging in the Weston Dining Hall. Each flag represents a country a current student is from as well as the different countries Gow has traveled to with students.