GSSP Academics

Morning Robotics ClassThe goal of our summer program is not simply to help students learn, but also to help them rediscover a joy of learning that results in long-term success and increased self-esteem. As a result, program classes provide personalized remediation, multisensory instruction, and fun. With an average class size of five students and individual attention from teachers, students start fast and finish strong. Unlike traditional summer school, there is no homework. Teachers and students work together during four morning academic periods to build skills and confidence.

Course Offerings

Students choose from a variety of classes. Many take advantage of Gow’s unique Reconstructive Language program. Other popular options range from writing process to math (levels 1-4), study skills to summer reading workshop. Many participants, especially those with language-based learning differences, enjoy exploring offerings with hands-on and creative components. These include courses in the arts, sciences, and combinations of the two, such as robotics, experimental science, computer applications, videography, journalism, theater, studio art, and computer graphics. Customized tutorial sessions and private or small-group music lessons are available for an additional fee.

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