Middle School

Welcome to The Gow School Middle School!

Here at The Gow School, it is our belief that inquisitive middle-schoolers learn best and improve their skills when their academic and social journey is as meaningful as the destination. Our passionate and supportive faculty deliver and foster a multisensory and student-centered curriculum that inspires our young students to explore their interests, recognize their unique learning superpowers, and discover the joy of learning and reading.

We recognize that choosing a school for your child is an exciting & challenging experience. We know that Gow students need a highly structured individualized learning environment where they can thrive academically and socially. Guided by our Pillars of Kindness, Respect, Honesty, and Hard work, and our distinct culture of success and belonging, our students build the confidence and self-advocacy skills they need. 

At The Gow School, we understand middle schoolers! We know and embrace how social, enthusiastic, impulsive, capable, and sometimes even a little quirky they can be. By design, there are opportunities during the academic, post-academic day and weekends where all of our students can shine and be themselves.

We wish to thank you for learning more about our The Gow School Middle School experience and hope you come and see our teachers and students in action.

   Luke Salerno
   Head of the Middle School



Inside the Classroom

Take a deeper dive into our curriculum designed specifically for our middle school students. 

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Outside the Classroom

Life outside the classroom is part of our program—an active and fun part that brings us together as a united Gow. 

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