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Financial Aid & Tuition

Financial Aid

We invite all parents to apply for financial aid. As a first step, families should submit a Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) through School & Student Services. The Gow School code is 1815. Gow's Admissions and Financial Aid Committee is responsible for all financial aid decisions. Although need is the primary basis for assistance, a student's attitude and contributions to the school are taken into account. The Gow School determines financial aid annually. Amounts may change and are not guaranteed from year to year.

Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $75,000 (US) for boarding students. This includes instruction, room and board, transportation for regular school activities, and technology fees. Tuition for day students is $55,000. Day students may participate in all school activities but do not have a dorm room.

In addition, the school assesses an $2,500 bookstore deposit ($1,250 for day students), from which any extra student expenses will be deducted. These may include transportation from/to the school before/after vacations, books, academic supplies, athletic equipment, and other personal items. Any remaining bookstore funds will be refunded at the end of the school year.

It is a big sacrifice, but when I talked to my husband asking how we are going to afford Gow, he looked at me and said, we can't afford not to."

Kim W. P'22

Budget of $2.05 million
59 awards
Averaging $35,600
Boarding Tuition 72,500
Day Tuition 52,000

Budget of $1,950,000
62 total awards
Averaging $32,510
Boarding Tuition $68,000
Day Tuition $48,000

Budget of $1,500,000
49 total awards
Averaging $31,000
Boarding Tuition $65,500
Day Tuition $47,000