Boarding School Experience

Rogers-ivie dorm

Boarding students make up about 90% of our population. For those students they get the full Gow effect. Boarding at Gow gives our students a unique advantage; they not only have access to everything on campus 24-7 but they are exposed to Gow's structure both in the classroom and in the dorms and on the weekend. 

 For many, it is the first time they are living away from home. Our dorm faculty and student leaders are there to help. All of our seven dorms are equipped with a dorm parent or parents depending on dorm size. Dorm parents are there to help with the transition to boarding school, ensure students are getting up in the morning, are quiet after lights out. Dorm parents are the leadership in the dorms and in the classroom. All dorm parents are triple threats, they teach, coach, and live right on campus. Every dorm also has a number of student leaders; Resident Assistants (R.A's). RA's are there to show the students the rope and are thought to be the proper example of what a Govian should be like. 

Living with your peers is not easy, for most they do not have to live with a stranger until they are in college. While living with your friends can be challenging it is also has so many positives. We become a family, we become #GowUnited. We celebrate birthdays and holidays. We celebrate our successes both personal and school wide. We cheer each other on the court, field, or in the theater. We are there for our friends when they need us.   We are #GowUnited.

two female students in the dorm